Transloading services

Transpol company offers transloading services of goods transported by railway at cargo terminal located near the crossing border Dorohusk / Jagodin between Poland and Ukraine. Why good transported by railway from Ukraine must be reloaded in Poland? Reloading process is required because railroad gauges in Poland and Western European countries are not compatible with those in Ukraine, Russia, Belearus and other former Soviet Republics. European standard railroad gauges have got 1435 mm while broad gauges 1520 mm. So transfer requires handling of the goods.
Of course it is possible to combine two multimodal transports: railway and road transports.
After transloading we could help to organise the whole transshipment process to Baltic Sea ports for e.g.
We can reload various types of the cargoes like: agricultural products, biomass, wood, steel, bulk, molases, oils and big-bags.


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