transport i spedycja kolejowa

Transshipment and logistics services

Beside fraight handling services of cargoes transported between Poland and Ukraine we offer the entire range of logistics services like shipment and organising transports (road and railway). International transport requires parallely synchronized shipping and logistics elements. In co-operation with Polish State Railways and PKP Cargo SA we have ability to reload and transport singular as well as the whole shipments trains.
Railway transport: Transshipment services by railway are recommended for clients who have direct access to railroad.
We offer very attractive transport rates and discounts. We perform full logistic services ranging from ensuring rail cars to freight handling and cargoes transport.
Combined railway and road transports:
According to various preferences there is the possibility to join two types of transports and make freight handling from rail cars into trucks and vice versa.
Many years of activity in this kinds of solutions gave us experience and knowledge of what provides our shipments being secuired and delivered always on time.


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